Women in IT

Manasi Chakraborty Saha,Graduate (H), MBA (Marketing),Macaws Infotech,Founder-Owner Macaws Infotech

Contribution to the corporate business and practices 

I believe women have an inherent nurturing instinct; be it nurturing the family or her organization or any other activity. It is the single most critical quality that is required to integrate and develop the organization. This helps to sustain a growth oriented positive culture. As a founder owner of Macaws Infotech, my contribution has to be more than 100% at work in a flat architecture model. I have to ensure that each employee contributes according to his or her key responsibilities and maximum competency.

Impact on the industry 

I am still working and want to work for at least 20 more years; so at this moment I am enjoying the responsibility as an entrepreneur and hoping to leave behind an enduring legacy for the next generation. As a Cyber Security Solution Provider we want to establish our name outside India – Globally.


There are many women who are extremely talented and competent in their own field. As a woman entrepreneur I hope my endeavor will inspire such women to take up the challenges of venturing into their own business and make a mark for themselves.

My personal goal is to venture into some other businesses like fitness gym, wellness center, etc.

I am looking at automation, digitalization, paperless and a professionally structured company in the next 5 years

Mentoring entrepreneurs

When a person is doing a job he or she is earning for himself/herself only; but when somebody is in business he /she is earning for others also and contributing to the society as a whole.

As the current president of ISODA, I personally with the active support of the association have been encouraging startups and other entrepreneurs to grow their presence pan-India.

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