Women in IT

Nandini Sharma, Director Bachelor, Comnet Resources

Contribution to the corporate business and practices 

I treat my company like my child. So, you can imagine all the love, passion, hard work and sweat that goes behind raising a child also goes into nurturing and mentoring a young business; sometimes even more! I am fully involved in the various operational aspects of our business. In addition to overall administration, I take care of new alliances and finance management. Two habits that I learnt very early on in my career and that I religiously practice are discipline and ethics. Business ethics, to describe very simply, would be to ‘do unto others as you would want others to do unto you’. This simple line captures the essence of ethics and ensures that all business decisions are met ethically. At Comnet, it has been our constant endeavour to do the right thing even if you can’t reap the benefits immediately. It’s only in the long-run that you realize how important these principles are, and at Comnet, these practices are now ingrained in our everyday functioning.

Impact on the industry 

In the recent past, the IT industry was mostly dominated by men. All this has been rapidly changing and these are exciting times as the domain is opening up and acknowledging women who understand technology and can take up leadership roles. Women are multi-talented, multi-faceted with not only a higher EQ but also a higher IQ to compliment it! I urge more women to come out of their comfort zone .The future looks extremely positive and lots of opportunities are waiting for women globally . We are heading for a ‘genderless future’, so to speak, where the gender of an individual will no longer be the determining factor for positions of leadership. I definitely think we will soon be creating a work environment which is inclusive and creates more value propositions for everyone.


Any successful business needs full-time involvement. It needs to be nurtured, mentored and guided through tough times. There are times when tough decisions need to be taken for the larger good. We, at Comnet, place a lot of importance on individual training and development of technical as well as the non-technical aspects. Our employees are very valuable to us and we consciously make an extra effort in keeping them motivated. Other practices that we swear by include minimum reporting and maximum responsibility and embracing new technologies to make operations faster, efficient and paperless

Mentoring entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs make a difference to people’s life be it an employer or a customer. And if they are lucky enough to find the right mentor or guide at the beginning of their careers, it does make a lot of difference. However, hard work, perseverance and all those extra hours need to be put in. So, to all the young entrepreneurs out there, continue to chase your dreams and as they say, sitaron se aage jahan aur bhi hain tere samne aasman aur bhi hain.

(Many open skies lie ahead in your path, there are yet more worlds beyond the Stars)

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