Optoma Next-Gen Laser Projectors

The Optoma Next-Gen Laser Projectors are energy saving, mercury free and more economical.

Equipped with laser technology, Optoma’s new range of projectors ZX350e, ZW350e, ZH350, AZX360ST, AZW360ST & AZH360ST Laser Projectors have been designed keeping in mind environmental friendliness. These new Generation projectors are energy saving, mercury free and more economical. The projectors offer lower Carbon Footprints as compared to other brands available in the market.

With the latest laser technology and higher power conversion efficiency, the new range of projectors can save nearly half the power consumption as compared to lamp-based projectors.

Listed at a starting price of Rs. 72,000, these projectors will be available in the market from next month onward throughout the country. Imbued with a minimal product size and robust design, the projectors are compact enough for daily use.

There has been a 34% reduction in size as compared to the previous generation of projectors. Being laser projectors, they, compared to traditional lamp-based projectors,  have a longer lifespan. They are also maintenance free and complies with regulations for less hazardous materials. With no need of constant lamp replacement, the laser projectors help save energy and extra cost.

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