Our expanded portfolio of services is designed to create business value for customers

Briefly tell us about CMS IT services and its growth over the years?

CMS IT Services is a leader in IT Managed Services and System Integration areas. This is a difficult business to run, and only tight operational controls combined with exceptional use of technologies can provide the necessary leverage and differentiation. These traits are exhibited through the transformation we deliver in our programs through the use of Automation and Digital. We have a span of services across Cloud, Digital, Cybersecurity, and the ability to provide each of these in a Services Model.

With a team of over 6500 across the country and with over 300 happy marquee customers, we are the best bet for companies across industry verticals (Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Services, Healthcare, Media & Telecom, etc) seeking best-in-class, personalized and differentiated IT Solutions. The value we provide to our customers has led to our services revenues multiplying almost 3 times in the last 5 years, with an almost 100% customer retention rate.

What are the services the company is offering?/ What are the services that CMS is providing

The company has an expedient mix of traditional as well as new-age technological services. Fundamentally, our Services are aligned to two broad categories:

  • Transformed Run the Business Solutions by leveraging the latest technology elements – AI/ML/NLP/Predictive Analytics/BOTs and more. Run the Business spend is typically around 70% of overall spend in most organizations. ‘Run’ Projects are also fundamental to efficiency of organizations. With our approach, we drive significant cost savings and efficiency advantages for our customers.
  • New Solutions & Services for Business Transformation in the Cloud, Digital, and Cybersecurity areas. Each of our solutions are differentiated, created to deliver specific goals with the least possible investment, designed for India and personalized for customers. For e.g. we have a Shared Delivery Centre for Robotic Process Automation Projects, allowing our customers to create efficiencies in their organizations with much lower investments. We also have a BOT library, for accelerated deployments.

What are the technologies driving the market in this present situation, though cloud is one what else?

The top business buzzwords today are Cost Savings, Efficiency, BCP, Resilience, Pandemic Planning, Risk Management. Some organizations are looking to re-craft themselves to focus on the ‘new normal’.

Top technology buzzwords are Cloud or Hybrid Clouds, Robotic Process Automation, Cybersecurity, AI / ML Solutions, Conversational BOTs, Predictive Analytics and IoT.

CMS IT Services is in tune with customer-needs and leverages each of these new technology paradigms uniquely for each customer organization.

How CMS IT Services is positioned in the new dynamics where WFH/ WFA is the new normal?

Businesses are now functioning in an unfamiliar environment that demands functionalities to be carried out remotely. This unprecedented situation that was imposed abruptly has bought with it a new set of challenges that include cybersecurity lapses, data storage and migration issues and help-desk flooding. CMS IT has pioneered modernised services that have allowed our customers to work proficiently in the ‘new normal’. Our Contactless Business services utilizeconversational AI to heighten user-experience by automating service-procedures and increasing service-desk availability despite lack of on-site personnel.

A new approach to Enterprise Cybersecurity Service known as the Defensible Cybersecurity Framework was introduced by the company to detect and respond to cyber security breaches in real-time, now that such incidences are commonplace. Endpoint protection, Information Security and Data Centre Automation Services have also been restructured to suit the growing need for data protection and security at all points of access. Another example is our Remote RPA Services (RRS) that seeks to drastically improve automation capabilities across multiple functional and operational areas.

What are the specialisation of CMS IT?

Our expanded portfolio of services is designed to create business value for customers, whether it is Digital Services, RPA, Automation Solutions or Managed Services across the Infra, Apps and Cybersecurity spectrum. Outcome-driven IT Infrastructure Management has been the cornerstone of our service spectrum over the years. Customers look at us to deliver:

  1. Managed Services (Cloud, DC, Networks, Apps & Workplace)
  2. System Integration (Hybrid/Hyperconverged Clouds set up, App Modernization, Cybersecurity Rollouts)
  3. IT Automation
  4. Digital Services

Name a few of customers and their challenges that CMS IT mitigated.

CMS IT has remote support centres based in Bangalore and Mumbai that we can leverage for delivering user-specific solutions to our clients.

CMS IT’s procure-to-pay RPA-led automation program improved compliance, processing time, user and employee satisfaction for a large client organization manufacturing defence and military equipment.

  • A major Pharmaceutical firm was also able to efficiently manage its user requests with zero drops thanks to our help-desk automation services augmented by conversational AI.
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing Services to one of the top Automobile brands in India delivered significant overall productivity improvement and cost optimization in just 3-6 months of project initiation, almost completely in the COVID-19 pandemic disruption time zone.
  • Improved SLA by 98.5% by streamlining support processes and enhancing application management for a Fortune 500 Financial Services company.
  • Enhanced uptimes for one of our country’s top energy companies across a vast infrastructure & application landscape across 10’s of locations, including high-seas.

What are the future growth strategy for next 2 quarters?

The pandemic has set a precedent forhow businesses must learn and adapt to functioning in a tumultuous environment. We will continue to lay emphasis on the strong delivery of cutting-edge IT Infrastructure Solutions that are formulated to suit the unique requirements of our customers. But we will also be focussed on developing new solutions especially with regard to our Cloud capabilities, Cybersecurity and Automation services. There has been a pronounced variation in how we are received by the market, so we hope to introduce innovative service-offerings that will empower our clients to continue their BAU without disengaging their business continuity processes regardless of any major shifts in the business ecosystem they are functioning in. These offerings will also empower our customers to compete effectively in the ‘new normal’.

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