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Bob VanKirk, President and CEO at SonicWall
Bob VanKirk, President and CEO at SonicWall

Survey reveals 83% of IT professionals cite financially motivated attacks as the top concern in 2023, and over 50% struggle to keep up with evolving threat landscape

SonicWall today released the findings of its 2023 SonicWall Threat Mindset Survey. The study reveals that 55% of its customers are more concerned about cyberattacks in 2023, with the main threat being focused on digital attacks like ransomware and spear phishing.

SonicWall President and CEO Bob VanKirk said, “The data from the 2023 SonicWall Threat Mindset Survey helps keep our finger on the pulse of what truly matters to our valued customers. As organizations around the globe struggle with economic declines and political strife, SonicWall remains committed to providing the latest in threat intelligence and cyber security solutions to help our partners and customers successfully navigate these rough waters.”

“The data from the 2023 SonicWall Threat Mindset Survey helps keep our finger on the pulse of what truly matters to our valued customers.”

– Bob VanKirk, President and CEO at SonicWall

SonicWall’s proprietary threat mindset survey also uncovered additional findings:

Continued concerns about intensifying cyberattacks: There is growing concern regarding cyberattacks amongst 54% of professionals surveyed; ransomware leads the distress as 83% of all customers cited it as their biggest concern. 94% of respondents are equally or more concerned about overall attacks in 2023. Phishing and spear-phishing (76%), as well as encrypted malware (64%), comprised the top three concerns.

Organizations slow to patch: Despite rising cyberattack concerns, 78% of organizations don’t patch critical vulnerabilities within 24 hours of patch availability; another 13% only apply critical patches when time allows.

Increased fear around insider threats: Insider threat incidents have continued to increase and 49% of IT professionals cited it as a growing worry. The larger the organization, the more potential insider threat incidents exist. Critical business information and sensitive data can be found in employees’ emails – and IT professionals feel the concern.

Now Hiring: cybersecurity professionals needed: 41% of respondents described their IT/ cybersecurity personnel as inadequate. With the cyberattack landscape becoming savvier with stronger capabilities of pulling off attacks, organizations must prioritize protection and hiring individuals who have the knowledge and skills to best position their company to not fall victim to these ongoing cyberattacks.

Companies are not only losing millions of dollars to unending malware and ransomware strikes but cyberattacks on essential infrastructure are impacting real-world services. Despite the growing concern of cyberattacks, organizations are struggling to keep pace with the fast-moving threat landscape as they orient their business, networks, data and employees against never-ending cyberattacks.

The SonicWall Survey covered approximately 10,000 customers from around the globe and the questions were optional and some were open-ended, while others were multiple choice.

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