SaaS Alerts Builds Upon MSP Cybersecurity Platform with Response Threat Remediation Module

Cybersecurity provider SaaS Alerts, Inc. has introduced the Respond Module, the latest enhancement to the company’s SaaS security platform.  Integrating with the most popular SaaS applications and multi-tenanted for MSP environments, the solution protects and monetizes core SaaS business applications. The unified, real-time monitoring and remediation platform defends against unauthorized access to sensitive SaaS applications and data at risk from threat actors to ensure business continuity.
The Respond Module from SaaS Alerts delivers a complete cybersecurity defense mechanism against the most dangerouse threats to Software as a Service (SaaS) Data. The latest company development has emerged out of a thorough analysis of more than 200M SaaS events logged by SaaS Alerts including SaaS application security records for over 3100 SMBs and more than 200,000 end-user accounts. As a result, Respond is an innovative and data-driven SaaS application security framework that provides managed service providers with a necessary layer of defense to keep their customer’s safe.
The Respond Module comes with an overall capability and strong capacity to help MSPs solve one of the industry’s most concerning challenges and biggest pain-points they have been struggling with in terms of identifying, hiring, training, and retaining high-demand cybersecurity talent to keep up with today’s current threat landscape. With Respond, MSPs create customized rules that completely automate relevant critical security activities traditionally only achieved with immediate human intervention. Thus, Respond limits the need for trained, on-demand staff while providing a more responsive services suite.
Let’s understand it better with the help of a use case. If the Microsoft 365 account of a small business user were to be compromised in the middle-of-the-night while the employees of the managing MSP are asleep and/or not available for support, the service provider would be without a quick response to the attack. As a result, a hacker could easily execute malicious commands inside the employee’s account and change the permissions to access other critical IT assets. By the time the MSP’s employees would have the information they need to react to the overnight compromise, significant damage could have occurred. With Respond from SaaS Alerts, MSPs can now customize rules to immediately shut down a compromised account giving the MSP the time they need to analyze and bring the user back online safely.
“I have been a fan of SaaS Alerts for a while now and after seeing the Respond module, I believe SaaS Alerts has an opportunity to revolutionize cybersecurity delivery for the MSP industry,” said Steven Wolsky, CEO Microtime Computers. “I just wish I had invented this product myself.”
Respond comes with several powerful and game-changing features for those managed service providers offering SaaS Security services, including:
● Rule-Based Response to Security Threats – MSPs, now, can create customized rules based on a combination of SaaS Alerts events to automatically or manually respond and secure user accounts.
● Rule Assignment – MSPs can set rules for specific organizations or accounts. Set rules to be active for a specific start/end date or set as ongoing.
● Immediate Response Actions – MSPs can block sign-in, expire all logins, change password, or require MFA on the next login.
● Notifications – MSPs will be notified when a rule is triggered via email, PSA or SMS.
“As a former MSP, I know first-hand how hard it is to find enough talented employees to scale your business,” said Jim Lippie, CEO of SaaS Alerts. “I also recognize that labor is an MSP’s single largest expense. Hearing these same concerns echoed by the MSP Partners we work with every day here at SaaS Alerts, we’re so excited to release our Respond remediation module to help MSPs not only scale their business and increase the protection of their customers – but without the need to increase their staffing and labor costs.”
Availability and Special Introductory Pricing
Respond beta becomes available on June 6th, 2022. General availability is expected by July 1, 2022.
Any MSP signed to a one-year agreement by June 30th 2022 receives SaaS Alerts Manage, Report and Respond for only USD 0.50/user/month. After July 1st, the pricing will increase to USD 0.80/user/month.

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