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Technology to Lead Business Collaboration: “Future of Meetings”

Indian meeting rooms and professionals are more adaptive to disruptive technology compared to the global scenario according to “The Future of Meetings” white paper launched by Barco ClickShare, in association with independent research agency Savanta which shows that 83% of Indian employees carry at least two devices into the meeting room as against 72% globally.

The research found that the most ardent users of technology, in India and globally, include Baby Boomers and Millennials and that the laptop is the most common device in use. The survey saw participation from over 1,500 white-collar professionals across Europe, the US, China, India and the Pacific, aged between 21 and 65, and emphasized that technology is at the heart of great meetings and the arena is set to be revolutionized with further innovations.

The clear preference for technology becomes even stronger when it comes to smaller organizations in India, with 100% Small and Medium Enterprises and 97% of mid-sized and large firms adopting technological innovations in a big way. In comparison, 78% of employees at SMEs and 89% of those who work for large firms, globally, prefer technology in meeting rooms. Technology is a major boon to smaller businesses, such as SMEs as it enables them to manage their business efficiently through better collaboration and faster turnaround time.

Meetings today are better than they were five years ago, with technology at the heart of this transformation. Meeting attendees are confident about using digital technologies and overwhelmingly prefer meetings that use technology. Nearly all employees take their own tech devices with them to meetings – over one in ten take four separate pieces of tech.

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