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The Ultimate Webinar Set Up: Get the Right Webinar Equipment on Any Budget

With much of the world still on lockdown restrictions due to the novel coronavirus, webinars have been having a (major) moment.

For those who have had to transition their in-person events to virtual ones, the stress of ensuring you have the right equipment can be overwhelming. Ever wonder how webinar pros make it look so easy, even from their home office? We thought you might – so here’s everything you need to put together your own webinar kit, regardless of your budget!


There’s nothing more distracting during a webinar than poor audio quality, so make sure you have a great microphone that allows your attendees to hear you clearly. There’s a huge price range for microphones, but in general, the more expensive they are, the higher quality the sound. So depending on your budget and audio needs, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Microphone Boom Arm

You want to make sure your microphone picks up everything you say during the webinar, but you don’t want to have to hold a microphone like a talk show host the whole time. And if you’re an animated speaker, lavalier mics will pick up distracting noise with every movement you make. It’s best to set up your microphone close enough to pick up all dialogue while keeping your hands free.


Not only do earpieces make you feel like a member of the Secret Service, they’re also super helpful when hosting a webinar. An earpiece allows you to stay connected with other webinar contributors while keeping your hands free.

Replacement Eartips

You never think about eartip replacements until it’s too late. Then you’re stuck using a worn-out eartip, or worse, none at all. And if you’re sharing an earpiece with other members of your team, you should at least have your own set of personal eartips to avoid sharing things you’d rather not share. Regardless, it’s a good idea to keep a stash of replacements on-hand and they’re inexpensive enough that it won’t hurt your budget.


Lighting can change the look of your webinar from “ghoul broadcasting from under a bridge” to “model broadcasting from professional studio.” Of course, it all depends on what kind of feel you want for your webinar, but we always recommend great lighting help you look your best on camera.

Green Screen

Using a green screen during your webinar lets you present in front of any background you can imagine. So if you don’t have a great office space, or you just want to add some pizzazz to your surroundings, you can with the help of a green screen.

Virtual Background

Your green screen is worthless unless you have the software to project a background on to it.

  • Our recommendation: SparkoCam Virtual Webcam ($39.95)
  • Comparable option: You can probably find free options, but the SparkoCam is your best bet for the price!


You have your audio and lighting all squared away, now it’s time to find the right camera. Find a high-quality HD camera so your video will look great on all monitors. Both of our webcam suggestions are great for webinars, video conferencing, and other streaming needs.

Optional Keyboard Stand

A keyboard stand isn’t a must-have item, but it’s a nice-to-have accessory in your webinar setup. Our recommended ergonomic keyboard stand is great if you use a stand-up desk for webinars.

Portable Cart

For those who think better when they’re on their feet, stay on your A-game with a stand-up desk! Adjustable stand-up desks are great for your regular work days, but they’re especially convenient if you need to move to a more video-friendly location for your webinar broadcast.

Webinar equipment can start to get expensive if you’re not careful, but there are affordable options available so you can host a professional-quality webinar on a budget.

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Expertise and Best Practices for Embracing Virtual Events

New to webinars and virtual events? We’re here to help! Check out our remote work Resource Center with tips and tricks on how marketers can master the shift while still driving demand and engagement.

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