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Toshiba N300 NAS 18TB Hard Disk Drives

Toshiba Electronic Components Taiwan Corporation’s massive capacity 18TB is the addition to its N300 NAS HDD line-up. The 18TB N300 delivers greater storage capacity and power efficiency to meet the growing needs of storage customers.

The 18TB N300 is a 9-disk helium-sealed conventional magnetic recording (CMR) drive that leverages Toshiba’s Flux Control Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording (FC-MAMR) technology. FC-MAMR advances CMR capacity to 18TB and delivers increased density per platter over previous designs.

This is the 3rd generation to use Toshiba’s 9-disk helium-sealed mechanical design. MAMR technology helps extend HDD data capacities. The 18TB N300 models has a workload rating of 180TB/year. Up to eight drive bays are supported by the NAS 3.5-inch drive.

The 7200RPM 18TB N300 drive is designed with a 512MB buffer and has a sustained transfer rate of 268 MiB/s, adequate to address the storage needs of home offices and small businesses.

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