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Toward Next-Gen Security

Harshil Doshi, Director Sales (India and SAARC), Securonix

Providing threat detection and response solutions powered by advanced analytics and built on a scalable, flexible cloud-native architecture, Securonix effectively takes care of cyberscecurity needs

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“We provide our partners with 360-degree support, from improved threat detection via UEBA to providing a fully managed SaaS platform that helps build and deploy their own analytics, while supporting their data masking and GDPR privacy requirements.”

Harshil Doshi,
Director Sales (India and SAARC),


The Pandemic has forced businesses to shift to online operations and there has been a massive adoption of remote working culture. and online learning, resulting in digitalisation on an unprecedented scale. Along with the shift to online has also come an unacceptable rise in cybersecurity issues.

With rising ransomware cyberattacks on IT infrastructure, businesses have realized the importance of embracing zero tolerance for gaps in their security strategy. They are increasingly investing on strengthening their cybersecurity to secure their crown jewels and their valuable data. This has thrown open a big opportunity for cybersecurity players.

As the India market remains in the eye of a major digital transformation buoyed by a tech-centred Union Budget,   SME Channels embarks upon recording the voices of the who’s who of the Cybersecurity landscape.

In a special interaction with SME Channels, Harshil Doshi, Director Sales (India and SAARC), Securonix reveals his organization’s strategy to address growing need for security solutions from customers, his predictions for the cybersecurity industry in 2022 and his vision and plans for the channel community. Edited excerpts…

Please give a brief introduction of your company. 

Securonix is a leading company in next-gen Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). The company provides threat detection and response solutions powered by the most advanced analytics and built on a scalable, flexible cloud-native architecture. Securonix Next-Gen SIEM and XDR enable fast, precise incident response, providing high fidelity alerts with analytics that pioneered the UEBA category. We work to provide our partners with 360-degree support in all aspects, from improved threat detection via UEBA to providing them with a fully managed SaaS platform that enables them to build and deploy their own analytics while also supporting their data masking and GDPR privacy requirements.

What major trends are you forecasting in the channel market? 

Channel partners will assist organisations in expanding geographical coverage and acquiring new customers. The cyber security landscape is constantly changing, and partners are reforming to keep up. Today, we find that our traditional partners are shifting toward managed services, focusing on service offerings in addition to products. Customers are increasingly adopting the managed services model due to a lack of qualified management resources and large investments in infrastructure. To assist customers, our partners represent both models ( Reseller & MSSP ). We are collaborating with partners to drive 75-80 percent of our business through them.

Which areas are you focusing on in the channel – skillsets, sales and marketing, vertical and technology practice development, service capability, etc.?   

We strive to make providing solutions, implementing them, and managing customers as easy as possible for our partners. We ensure that our partners have comprehensive knowledge of our products and can effectively guide their customers through custom training programs and extensive professional service resource support. Securonix will help partners solve complex customer challenges by designing products that are fast, agile, scalable, insightful, regulated compliant, and collaborative. To maximize opportunities, our marketing team collaborates with partners to create customer-centric events. We assist partners in establishing Securonix Centers of Excellence, which will allow them to demonstrate the value of the solutions to prospective customers.

What percentage of budget growth are you expecting for channel development? 

We anticipate a significant increase in business as a result of promoting regional partners. Increasing the number of MSSPs and Reseller partners will broaden the company’s reach to enterprise customers. Developing a strong partner strategy has assisted us in achieving 2X revenue growth for the current year.

Are you planning any new product additions for the channel market? 

Securonix’s MSSP offering is a key driver for channel-led business worldwide. We have added some of the largest MSSPs as our partners in the last couple of years and continue to do so. Whenever we go ahead with a new component, we by default make it multitenant to suit the MSSP business. For example, our recent SOAR offering is also built in a multi-tenant model.

What’s your geospread? Is there any channel expansion plan in terms of numbers in 2022?  

We have a global channel reach, and have 100s of partners both resellers, MSSPs, distributors, and technology partners. In India specifically, we have about 25 partners working with us and counting. Channel is a key part of our go-to-market strategy and business.

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