Unlock Opportunities for Business through NETGEAR’s Instant Captive Portal

~ For hotel, retail, health and education environments ~

Guests in a hotel not only want WiFi, but in many cases need it, and expect their host to provide it. A Captive Portal is one of the best ways to safely and efficiently connect guest devices to your business via WiFi for the last few dozen meters of connectivity in the modern world. Guest WiFi should be Safe, Secure and Useful. This is where a Captive Portal plays an important role and is considered very useful for businesses and schools hosting WiFi.

Various Uses of Captive Portal are:

  • Improve customer experience with fast and secure WiFi
  • Enhance brand image and credibility through professional portal customizable settings
  • Understand customers and build detailed customer profiles with data collected by Captive Portal
  • Log all WiFi access for a whole year for traceability and security
  • Boost marketing activities with tailored and timely communications

A captive portal is a web page that customers use to access public WiFi networks. NETGEAR Instant Captive Portal gives the small and medium business owners the ability to set up a professional captive portal within minutes, with features and capabilities similar to an Enterprise-level captive portal. Instant Captive Portal can also help boost businesses in sectors like Hotels and Airbnb’s, Retail Stores and Chains, Restaurants and Cafes, Health Clinics and Schools and Libraries.

Great advantages instant captive portal can bring for your business:

Marketing and Brand Awareness: Customize your landing page and splash page with your logo and branding to increase awareness

Manage Network Traffic: Schedule session times, set expiration dates and device limitations to manage bandwidth limitations and prevent network slowdowns

User Analytics and Re-Targeting: Get users’ emails to send follow-up emails, future promotions and build loyalty.

Value Resellers can bring to customers with instant captive portal:

Professional look-and-feel: Captive portal is fast and easy to setup and deploy

Cloud and data analytics support: Allow your customers to capitalize on the guest WiFi service

Visibility: Monitor and manage your customer’s network with NETGEAR Insight

Recurring revenueSet up guest WiFi as a service

Legal compliance: One-year WiFi log storage for legal compliance

Instant Captive Portal offers following features:

  • Easy Portal Customization Gain full flexibility and control by easily customizing your splash page, landing page, payment features, marketing communications, and many more
  • User Analytics Collect detailed user analytics through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn login, Demographic data (Facebook only)
  • Enhance user experience with payment through PayPal and customize guest WiFi payment by charging for usage time.
  • Multilingual Support Insight Instant Captive Portal is available in five different languages, English, Chinese, French, German and Japanese
  • One-Year User Log Storage Access and store user logs for one year. Improve traceability when your business is prompted for an investigation

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