Zebra L10 Android Tablets

In today’s competitive landscape, every organization are embracing the digital revolution to be more mobile and relevant. Traditionally, only organizations in the oil & gas, telco, mining, excavation, roads & building construction, defense and warehouse, etc. tend to use mobile computing.  In recent years, even the retail, BFSI, command and control centers, police and other sectors are utilising mobile computing to increase their productivity.

Zebra has launched a L10 series tablet with 3 different form factors, XSLATE, XPAD and XBOOK. The XSLATE looks like a tablet, the XPAD comes with an additional handle at the top, while the XBOOK looks similar to a tablet and has an additional detachable keyboard that further protects the tablet.  Recently, we assessed two form factors of Zebra’s L10 Android Tables – XPAD L10 and XBOOK L10. These tablets are exceptionally rugged and resistant to most adverse weather.  Both products come with an in-built sturdy casing that protects it from all angles. Unlike consumer grade devices, these ruggedized tablets need no further protection and are equipped with the right tools to assist different businesses across varying sectors.

Obviously, these ruggedized tablets are custom-built for all situations – including outdoor and indoor usage.  Before I describe its ruggedness and how tough they are, let me take you through the inbuilt features of these devices.

First of all, these devices come with Android OS and tools that provide a sense of familiarity for its users. Do not be mistaken by the ease of usage and think that they are similar to any consumer grade devices. These devices are pre-loaded with critical tools like DataWedge and Device Diagnostics that will be able to help the business. Datawedge can automatically integrate the data captured via the XPAD built-in scanner into your applications, whereas Device Diagnostic allow users to test the tablet’s main systems by a simple touch of a button to identify issues and determine its serviceability on the spot.

For the XPAD L10, it comes equipped with a built-in scanner for quick scanning and tracking of items in the warehouse. The XBOOK L10 comes with a kickstrap at the back of the devices to offer much required grip of the product while on the go. Both devices are equipped with a stylus that is attached to the casing. The stylus enables users with greater convenience especially for those who may need to draw on the move. Swapping the battery can be easily done through the back via switching a toggle to open the battery from the back and inserting a new one, which is a plus. Did I mention that the batteries are hot-swappable? This means that the batteries can be changed without powering down the device.

As an all-weather product, it is resistant and operable under extreme temperatures ranging from minus 20°C to 60°C. For the front line workers who are required to brave the weather during rainy seasons, these devices are rated IP65, with protection against low pressure jets of water from all directions, even when the ports are open. To test the water resistance in case of accidental water spill, we poured water on it and there was no change to its functionality. These products are built with a stronger than steel frame and are equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass screen to withstand drops in accordance with military standards, which means they are tested to operate even when dropped. To prove this, we conducted a drop-test from a 4-feet height to concrete flooring and it not only survived but continued to work perfectly fine afterwards! Now that’s something you’ll definitely not try with a consumer grade tablet even if it was equipped with some level of protection.

If you talk about its functionality, it is quick to boot and quiet when shutting down. As the device comes NFC, Bluetooth v5.0, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, GPS and 4G LTE mobile broadband technologies, you do not need to worry about any lag or challenge from a connectivity standpoint. These devices are equipped with a wide range of connectivity ports, such as the RJ-45 Ethernet port, multiple USB port (including a Type-C port). Users even have the option of getting it with an optional RS232 Serial or HDMI-in or even a RFID UHF reader. The front facing and 13 MP rear facing cameras can capture images and video to offer users with VoIP collaboration.

The detachable battery is quite lasting and can run up to 9.8 hours in a single charge. For heavy users who are out in the field, one can choose to upgrade it to an extended battery that lasts for up to 26 hours of usage.

The advantage:

The fastest, lightweight, and ergonomic rugged design XPAD L10 tablet is handy for the warehouse workers who are taking stock of the items, while the XBOOK L10 tablet provides the best mobility solution for field workers who are often on-the-go. Relating to use cases, the warehouse workers using a XPAD L10 do not need a separate scanner and can use the device to scan, store and analyse their data. The field workers on-the-go can utilise a XBOOK L10 out in the field to execute their duties without any worries. Equipped with Android operating system, users will not encounter a steep learning curve as it is already a familiar platform, and companies will be able to utilise a wide range of applications needed based on their respective industries. All L10 models come with a 3-years warranty.


Most rugged, stylish and light weight in the competition.

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